Chris K Wensel



Cascading Pointer-Path Mini-Parsers


I have been, and still am, a Data Engineer since before we had a name for it.

Currently I am working as a consultant with companies on their large scale data infrastructure initiatives.

Reach out if your organization needs guidance on the intersection of cloud infrastructure, data engineering, and machine learning.

I’m also the lead on Cascading [formerly], projects related to Cascading in some way, and other crafty utilities I plan to push up to Heretical.

I started developing Cascading on a whim in late 2007. Advancing and maintaining Cascading eventually became my day job. It was a great time to be involved in open source. But ideals never manifested, mistakes made, or it simply wasn’t sustainable, pick two.

A long time ago I made commitments to the users I met that I would be available to support my software. I continue to do so, but to be honest, I can only as time permits and only for as long as there are incentives.

Cascading is now no longer part of my day job, but I continue to maintain and advance the project on my own time through integration of developer contributions and also through the patronage of companies with Cascading projects in active development and production. Patronage is a way to make it known my time and my work are valued.

If you are a company relying on Cascading — looking to refresh an existing Cascading application, or undergo some related upgrades, or even migrate off — reach out to discuss how I can be of help to prevent or resolve any critical issues in your projects.