A Fanzine About Software We Love To Create and Use

We write free and open source software for fun and profit.

We love to write software that people use, but mostly you never know if people are using it until they have issues.

We use free and open source software for fun and profit.

We dislike using software the author may have abandoned. We fear if we get stuck there will be no help to resolve an critical issue and push out a new release.

None of us want to be the developer that abandoned their software because there didn’t seem to be any interest.

Nor do we want to be that user who never lets developers, of the tools we love to use, know we appreciate their work, responses, and updates. Or that we actually rely on those updates and timely responses to our issues.

Heretical is a site created by free and open source software authors, maintainers, contributors, and users who want to give recognition to those project we use and rely on.

That makes this a great place for developers to find out about new and useful projects, to find out more about the authors of some of those projects, and help support their work through patronage and evangelism.

People like us love to take a gamble on an idea. If it resonates, we keep going. We take the upfront risk in hopes people benefit and in return we can benefit.

In the free and open source space, this has always been a bit lopsided. We think it makes sense to even things out so others like us will also take upfront risks and build something we all find useful and possibly wonderful.

This Site

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